Pretty Pokets Diaper Bag

I am a big fan of diaper bags that can pass as purses, and this bag does just that! I will use this as my bag even if i am out and about without the kids because it is just a genuinely nice bag overall. And while it IS gorgeous, don’t worry.. that doesn’t mean any important diaper bag features are left out!

This bag has a side pocket that you can use to hold baby wipes, OR you can also use this side pocket to feed plastic baggies through for those times you need to change a dirty diaper, and theres not a trash can around! Then you can tie a diaper up in a bag, and transport it safely in your bag ’til you reach a garbage. GENIUS!

There is also an easy to access zipper compartment on the bottom side of the bag to easily slip your hand in and grab a diaper from the bottom. I don’t know about you, but I tend to toss diapers in a bag willy nilly, and then topple a bunch of stuff on top, and i need to dig around to find anything! With this side zipper, you can place your diapers at the bottom of the bag, and then as soon as you open it to grab a diaper they will be right there!

Accessories aren’t lacking with this bag either! There is a diaper changing pad, a small little wallet/change purse, and an insulated bottle holder. The bag itself can be used as a handbag, or there is a detachable strap to make it an over-the-shoulder or crossbody bag.

You cannot go wrong with this bag. The look, the quality, the functionality, all 10/10
So grateful for the opportunity to review this gift!

Check out their website Pretty Pokets for 10% off your purchase! If the link doesnt automatically register the discount, you can use code Candice10!
I hope you check it out, and love it as much as i do

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