Living up to my reputation of massive coffee drinker

Hi! I’m Candice

I am a married mama of two, a toddler boy and a baby girl. I grew up in Illinois, and moved to Colorado right after I got married. Both of my babies are Colorado natives. I was a licensed cosmetologist for 7 years, but did not transfer my license when I moved out of state. I had plans to be a stay at home mom, but sometimes ya gotta roll with the punches, and I needed to return to the workforce. Currently I work part-time in a barber shop as a Customer Service Coordinator, so I’m still in the hair environment which I enjoy. In my free time I love to crochet. It is my favorite hobby! I also love to watch YouTube videos, and listen to audiobooks, and of course spend time with my crazy kiddos! You can typically find me in my natural habitat binging Netflix, and drinking copious amounts of coffee

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