Have You Heard About Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee?

When I found out that the real life Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls (Scott Patterson) had his own brand of coffee, I of course had to try it. Obviously, this is the closest I’ll ever get to a cup of coffee from my favorite tv diner. Below is my review of the coffee, along with some questions I got to ask Scott!

Closest you’ll get to Luke’s coffee.. Cue fangirl excitement!

There are several flavors available: your classic options like House Blend, Breakfast Blend, French Roast, but also a whole dessert line of flavors, and a couple others at SCOTTYP.COM. I really wanted to try the Toasted Marshmallow, but it was sold out, so I decided to go with my second choice of Butterscotch Cream!

If you only have a Keurig, and think bags of coffee wont work for you, i use a reusable k-cup like this one every morning!

It’s available on Amazon prime, which is great, because of course when you’re excited about something you want it ASAP.. I ordered at about 5pm, and had it by the next afternoon! As soon as I got my package in the mail, I ripped it open with excitement. I could smell faint hints of butterscotch coming from the bag of coffee. Unfortunately, It was about 4:30 in the afternoon and I really didn’t want the caffeine that late, so I had to wait to try it ’til the next morning. 

Morning came, and I brewed a fresh cup of coffee, and even though I’m not a black coffee drinker, I had to try it to truly taste the coffee as is. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t bitter at all, and I could taste the creamy notes of butterscotch. It was palatable even to me, who likes to put excess stuff in her coffee. 

I have since tried the coffee a few different ways, and every way I’ve tried has been wonderful. I’d say my favorite is with a little bit of butter, some monkfruit sweetener, and a couple tablespoons of heavy cream. It adds so much to the creamy factor,  and the sweetness really brings out the flavor of the notes of butterscotch. I can’t wait to try the kcups, and the Toasted Marshmallow, so when I do, I will definitely let you all know my thoughts.

In the meantime, please enjoy my interview with Scott about his brand:

Is that Luke Danes? Better, it’s Scott Patterson!

Have you always been a coffee connoisseur; what inspired you to start your own line of coffee?
My mom introduced me to freeze-dried coffee when I was twelve and have been hooked ever since. Starting the business was a natural outgrowth of two main objectives – one; my need to start a business that I owned 100% after decades of being an independent contractor and, two: the marketing and promotional runway was already built starting in 2000 with GG and then amplified globally by Netflix in 2016. Establishing a name for a brand is incredibly difficult and expensive but people know me from the show so that’s half the battle. I still had to create a company, source great coffee, offer it at reasonable prices and have customer service that was equal – or exceeded – the quality of the coffee. I’ve done that now and the company is growing rapidly though not without a few bumps in the road along the way. What’s good about the unforeseen debacle is it makes you get very creative and actually is really the only way to arrive at “aha” kind of moments that take the company to the next level.

How do you take/drink your coffee?
I drink mine black most of the time as it’s so darn good! Will sometimes add honey and milk just to see how it interacts with the blends and it’s also delicious. It’s just great coffee, all-in-all.

What is your favorite coffee that your currently carry?
I am currently drinking my Sweet Shoppe flavors and oh gosh they are good. Lol. I drink them all day. This morning I made a pot of Dutch Chocolate, plowed through that, and then made a pot of Butterscotch Cream. Absolutely in love with these flavors. Rich, complex, subtle where it needs to be, smooth. Home Run – but, to me, they all are. I can not chose a favorite among my many children. I love them all equally.”

What are your upcoming plans for the brand?
“We successfully introduced our COFFEE GIFT BOX DIVISION with our AUTUMN GIFT BOXES in 21 different options of 48, 60, or 96 ounces of coffee (all twelve ounce bags). This included our popular SWEET SHOPPE SAMPLER box of those five delicious flavors and exclusive new coffees like Pumpkin Nutmeg that are only available in these boxes for a limited time only and only at SCOTTYP.COM.  This week we have now introduced our new WINTER BOXES, as well, with amazing flavors and options. “

All of Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee is available on SCOTTYP.COM., but also on amazon! Click Here

Be sure to follow updates on Scott, and his brand at the social media links below. 

Instagram: @scottgordonpatterson & @scottypsbigmugcoffee 

Twitter: @ScottGPatterson & @ScottyPsBigMug 

Facebook: @scottpatterson111 & @ScottyPsBigMugCoffee 

YouTube: ScottyP’s Big Mug Coffee 

Pinterest: Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee 

Stay tuned, stay caffeinated!

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